Resource Officer

Constable Gord Marshall

At Spruce Grove Composite High School, Constable Gord Marshall, our School Resource Officer, has become a huge support for students, parents and a mentor to our staff. We are happy to have Gord as a part of our team. Gord wears many hats throughout the day as he networks with our learning community, establishing positive trusting relationships.

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Mingling in the cafeteria, lounge areas during breaks, lunch and after school. This includes the parking lot and back alley behind the school.
  • Visiting classrooms as an observer, participant or speaker in Psychology, CALM or Forensic Science.
  • Liaising with the SADD/MADD groups that exist at the school.
  • Attending and presenting at our school’s Professional Development Days.
  • Joining the Administration from the school as we visit our feeder schools, meeting with Grade 9 students and their parents to help make the transition to high school a smooth one.
  • Assisting in connecting students and parents with other agencies such as Child and Family Services and/or FCSS (Family and Community Support Services).
  • Assisting administration in supporting and promoting good student behavior and citizenship skills.
  • Speaking with students to encourage and promote interest in law enforcement as an employment option.

Simply put, this is to enable the building of a partnership between law enforcement, the City of Spruce Grove and Spruce Grove Composite High School to ensure students are successful, safe and ultimately productive citizens within the community.

We are pleased to have Gord as a part of our safe and caring school model. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email Constable Marshall at

SGCHS Principal
Cheryl Otto