For Newcomers

Spruce Grove Composite High School is located in the Woodside neighbourhood of Spruce Grove, at the corner of Calahoo Road and Grove Drive. We serve students in Grades 10-12 who live in and around the City of Spruce Grove and the rural communities stretching to the eastern edge of Parkland School Division, as well as all high school students enrolled in the Division's French Immersion Program. Our school is also home to the the Living, Academic, Work Skills (LAWS) Program.

Our students are typically graduates of École Broxton Park SchoolCopperhaven SchoolGraminia SchoolGreystone Centennial Middle SchoolÉcole Meridian Heights School (French Immersion Program), Prescott Learning Centre and Woodhaven Middle School.

Will you be attending Spruce Grove Composite High School? Check our School Locator Map to find out if you live in the SGCHS attendance area.

Please note: Parkland School Division serves only families who reside in the County of Parkland, the town of Stony Plain and the City of Spruce Grove. We currently have some out-of-jurisdiction students who are permitted to complete the program at their current school. No further out-of-jurisdiction students are being registered in PSD. If your family is not a resident of Parkland School Division, your resident school board is responsible for meeting your educational needs. 

Visiting SGCHS

Our office is open to the public from 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays and PD days/breaks. See our Calendar & Events page for details.

Our doors open to students and staff beginning at 7:45am each school day. After school, our building can only be accessed through the north entrance from 4-7pm.

Parking & Transportation

Visitor parking is located on the south side of the school. Visitors may also park along the sidewalk in the bus lane from 9-2pm. Additional parking is available in the student parking lot on the north side of the school.

Please note: Due to space limitations, student parking is only available for Grade 11 and 12 students. Students must register their vehicles in the school office to obtain permission to park in the school lot.

Checking In & Out of School

Our school has two main entrances - one on the southernmost side of the school, across from the bus lane and the visitor parking lot, and another on the north side of the building, adjacent to the student parking lot.

Please note: Our building is connected to Horizon Stage, but the stage entrance and the west end school doors remain locked unless the stage is in use.

As you enter into the south entrance's foyer, turn right to reach the school office or left to reach Student Services. All visitors must sign in at the office and record their vehicle information (if applicable) before going to any area of the school.

Students who are checking in and out of school during regular class time are required to come to the main office when they are arriving or leaving to sign in or out. Unexcused absentees will receive an automated phone call home.

Keeping Up With SGCHS

You can stay up to date with school events and important information by regularly checking our website, newsletter and Twitter feed. Students may wish to stay tuned to our Announcements page for info about the day-to-day happenings at our school.

SGCHS regularly keeps parents and guardians informed of their children's progress via PowerSchool report cards and Parent-Teacher Interviews. You can get in touch with your child's teacher(s) directly via email by visiting our Staff Directory page.

Parents and guardians can get involved at our school by taking part in our School Council and Panther Auxiliary fundraising group - both are actively looking for volunteers.