Sports Performance

Sports Performance 1-2-3

5 Credits

Sports Performance is an elective course consisting of 5 CTS modules.

Sports Performance is designed for students who wish to learn more about the world of sport and athletics. Students who are interested in pursuing careers in fitness, personal training, the Faculty of Physical Education, or coaching would benefit from enrollment in this program. 

The curriculum includes the following components: 

  • Sports Psychology
  • Fitness Programs
  • Coaching & Officiating
  • Leadership in Sports
  • Sports Ethics
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Sports Injury


  • Assess the impact of mental fitness on optimal sport, artistic and/or academic performance and motivation. Students examine and demonstrate strategies to strengthen mental fitness, including relaxation, visualization and positive self-talk.
  • Learn basic coaching skills common to all sports in the areas of planning and delivering a practice, teaching and learning, and mental skills training. Students develop an appreciation for the role of coaches in community recreation programs. 
  • Learn the importance of nutrition and hydration for the promotion and maintenance of physical, emotional and social health and wellness throughout life. Students evaluate food and supplement choices, the effects of activity on nutritional requirements and the use of labels to improve daily nutritional intake at all ages.
  • Students apply basic training and movement principles to health-related and performance-related components of fitness training. Students create fitness activities and develop a basic individual fitness plan to achieve goals for health-related and performance-related components.