5+ Credits

If you would like the opportunity to preserve your own and your fellow students memories, you should consider enrolling in the Advanced Photography and Electronic Publishing Course.

Choosing to take this class will essentially be like working for a real life publishing business that will have a real life budget to work with and a responsibility to its customers: students, teachers, parents and guardians.

The students in this course will work through a variety of projects that in the end will result in the publishing of the SGCHS yearbook.

In exchange for your commitment to this course you will be instilled with several real life experiences that will benefit you on your journey to post-secondary institutions and/or careers:

  • Building teamwork skills
  • Fostering and enhancing organization and planning skills - You will be establishing and meeting real-world deadlines.
  • Budgeting skills - You will be part of a team responsible for over a $14,000+ budget.
  • Journalism & Photography skills and experiences - You will develop an amazing portfolio throughout the course and in the end will have a published piece in which your work will be featured.
  • Computer Layout & Design - You will work with professional computer editing and electronic publishing software. Professionals will come to the class to teach you how to be proficient with this kind of software.
  • Advertising and Promotional Skills - You will have the opportunity to plan and organize advertising campaigns to promote the product that you will be creating.
  • Production - You will experience the successful achievement of a creating an actual product that will be cherished by hundreds of people for decades ahead.