Japanese Language & Culture

Japanese is not as difficult as you might imagine! 

Japanese 10, 20, 30 provides students with basic reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. Students use the Kimono I, II, and III textbooks as resource books and receive many other materials from the teacher. 

Students learn the two basic phonetic “alphabets” and numerous kanji or pictorial characters. Learning about Japan’s culture is an integral part of learning the language. Students will receive many practical cultural points that will assist them in learning Japanese.

Travel Opportunities

At SGCHS, students are given opportunities to travel to Japan or to participate in student exchange programs.

We currently travel to Japan every second year and have sent students on numerous Alberta Education exchange programs. Some of these are ten-day, two-week, two-month and even one-year exchanges.

If you would like more information on these programs, contact your Japanese teacher.

Japanese 10

Prerequisite: None. This course is for Grade 10, 11, and 12 students.

5 Credits

Japanese 10 is intended for students who are new to the language and provides them with foundations in written and spoken Japanese. Students use the Kimono I textbook as a resource and develop many basic expressions and sentence patterns. Students also receive practice booklets to reinforce basic skills and refine them. Skits, presentations, movies and games round out an interactive class.

 A restaurant trip to Edmonton is planned each term. Several videos of Japanese home and school life as well as special Japanese guest presenters provide necessary cultural background for this course. Students in Grades 10, 11 or 12 are able to take Japanese 10.

Japanese 20

Prerequisite: Japanese 10

5 Credits

Japanese 20 continues with the use of the Kimono II textbook as an ongoing resource, plus numerous booklets of activities, sentence patterns and dialogues. Many skits and activities are also a part of this course. At this level, students have enough skills to develop a special project that highlights the individual student’s strengths. 

We continue to offer a restaurant trip to expand language use and understanding of Japanese food and culture. Students will also learn to keyboard using our computer IME software.

Japanese 30

Prerequisite: Japanese 20

5 Credits

Japanese 30 continues with expanding the sentence patterns and cultural knowledge of Japan. The Kimono III text is used a limited amount; therefore, students will use teacher materials. 

Students will continue to develop their reading and writing skills in a practical hands-on set of projects and skits. Students are even given the opportunity to create their own Japanese Manga! 

Students have the opportunity to continue their studies with numerous exchange possibilities and can make pen pal exchanges as well. Again, videos using Japanese at natural speed will help to teach listening and comprehension skills.

Japanese 30 Special Projects

Prerequisite: Japanese 30 or teacher permission

This class is for members of the Japan Trip Group. It requires your participation in a trip to Japan plus a detailed diary with daily set out activities of application of the Japanese language, attending planning meetings, presentations (on return to Canada) to two groups and a pre- and post-summary report.