For Students

Spruce Grove Composite High School has a caring environment where students develop skills and competencies for a successful future. We are pleased you have chosen us to continue your educational journey. SGCHS hopes the time you spend learning with us will be richly rewarding. 

BEST: Building Excellence and Success Together

We are very proud of our school and of our students’ remarkable academic performance. Our broad range of programming provides an opportunity of success for every student. Our caring and conscientious staff is committed to supporting the efforts that lead to that success. Our expectations of you as a learner and a citizen of the school are high, but we believe you can live up to these high standards.

Simply put, success can be achieved by all if you:

  1. Attend all classes
  2. Engage in learning
  3. Take ownership of your education
  4. Get involved in extracurricular activities


Student And Parent Handbook For SGCHS Re Entry
SGCHS Registration Handbook
Student Vehicle and Parking Lot Registration