German as a Second Language

Come and learn German in an interactive and communicative environment. You may participate in one, two, three or all four levels of the German Program offered at SGCHS. 

English is a "sister language" of German, so learning to speak and write German can be as simple as saying "Volkswagen"!

Travel Opportunities

Spruce Grove Composite High School participates in an exchange program which is available to students taking German. A student may take part in a three-month exchange with a German student studying English.

Other travel opportunities are open to students of the German Group. Contact your German teacher for further information.

German 10 (Level 1)

Beginning Level
Prerequisite: No formal study of German required

5 Credits

Lesson materials are presented in various forms: dialogues, pictures, comics and reading selections. Students learn to socialize, exchange information, count, express feelings and emotions, attitudes and opinions and interests. Cultural and geographical information is an integral part of the program. Much of the course work is situational.

German 20 (Level 2)

Prerequisite: German 10

5 Credits

Lesson materials continue to be highly interactive and student-centered. Introductory lessons in this course provide enrichment for previously acquired basic vocabulary and sentence structures. Progression of the language is quicker and vocabulary is more extensive.

German 30 (Level 3)

Prerequisite: German 20 or equivalent

5 Credits

Lesson materials continue to be highly interactive and situational. On completion of German 30 you will have acquired German skills to allow you to communicate in Germany, German-speaking cultures in Canada and other countries.

German 20-6Y (Level 4)

Prerequisite: German 30

5 Credits

German 20-6Y is an enrichment course for German students who have successfully completed German 10, 20 and 30 (or the equivalent). The program focuses on oral and written comprehension and production. This involves the study of the novel, poetry, drama, short stories and composition. German culture and history will also be studied.