For complete information regarding the registration process, or to register for school and/or busing, please visit the Parkland School Division website.

Changes in Registration Information

Please inform the school office of any registration information changes or updates to facilitate quick communication in the event of an emergency. 

Following are some examples of information that should be kept current.

  • Home phone number
  • Parents' work numbers
  • Emergency contacts
  • Medical information, etc.

Course Selection at SGCHS

SGCHS Handbook

Course selection builds the foundation for your future; these tips can help with these important decisions:

  • Be Aware.  Abilities, interests, values, and goals can help direct your decisions. Talk with parents, teachers, counsellors, and others who can identify and clarify these with you.
  • Be Realistic. Choose courses and programs that are consistent with previous achievements. Recommended marks for prerequisite courses are carefully set. Courses that are too difficult can lead to discouragement; courses that are too easy may lead to boredom.
  • Know. Understand the graduation requirements, scholarship guidelines, prerequisites, course content, and difficulty level. Choose a course based on your needs, not your friends.

To provide students with the maximum opportunity for success and an excellent educational opportunity: 

  • Grade 10 and 11 students are expected to carry a full course load each semester.
  • Grade Coordinators and Student Services’ staff are happy to assist students with course selections that meet their needs for post-secondary and employment goals.
  • Student Services will contact students with spares to assist them in selecting a course to fill their timetable and ensure they meet their educational goals.
  • Students repeating core courses may be directed to Inreach, Outreach or Summer School.
  • Students withdrawn from a course will be placed in supervised study for the remainder of the semester and, if time permits, enrolled in Work Experience and/or Learning Strategies.
  • There will be no lingering or loitering in the hallways and student lounge during class time.
  • Grade 12 students on a spare will be required to work in the library, a supervised computer lab or will be asked to leave the school premises for that duration.

We wish our students a successful, fun-filled year at Spruce Grove Composite High School!