Drama and Theatre Arts

Work in a supportive and challenging environment and explore movement, speech, improvisation, acting, directing, technical theatre, design and theatre studies. Joy, pain, laughter, sorrow - theatre examines what it means to be human. Discover the courage and honesty theatre demands. 

Under the guidance of dedicated instructors and visiting artists, develop practical skills, techniques and approaches that will ensure theatrical success.

You can also participate in the Student Club offered by the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton. View a season of plays, be involved in pre-show activities and meet and discuss the performance with some of the professionals after the show. There is an additional cost.

Drama 10

Prerequisite: None

5 Credits

Develop confidence, concentration, creativity and communication skills that enable you to function in theatre. Through creative and fun activities (in disciplines of movement, voice, acting and improvisation, and technical and theatre studies), learn to work with others in group projects, and a solo project, if ready. Explore basic elements and basic analysis of plot, character and theme. Learn the basics to develop scenes for presentation and performance. The primary focus of the program is on structured improvisation. 

Drama 20

Prerequisite: Drama 10

5 Credits

Theatre games and warm-up activities help stimulate the creative process. Learn about the acting process, ensemble work, mime/movement, voice/speech, improvisation/role-play, and acting techniques/characterization, and explore playwriting. Get to know the disciplines of the playwright, actor, director, designer and critic.

There are opportunities for performance-related projects and creative input into some of the styles of projects undertaken. Explore character and script at a much deeper level while still maintaining the adventure and fun.  

Drama 30

Prerequisite: Drama 20

5 Credits

This course emphasizes performance and in-depth study in theatre arts. It is for students who are hungry for a broader experience in theatre. Explore the context and styles of theatrical performance in plays and scenes from past to the present. Be the actor, director, playwright and designer.  

The focus is on production of the one act play and the study of all elements involved. This is a high energy class and involves definite levels of commitment, cooperation and creative thinking.   

Advanced Acting and Touring 15-25-35

5 Credits

For students who are not afraid to take risks and are willing to perform in front of others spontaneously. The majority of learning in this class is done through performance, whether that is in large ensemble pieces or the monologue or duet. 

The class will prepare a touring show for some of our local schools in the community. You must be able to work with almost anyone and not be afraid to make close friendships and bonds. This is a very high energy class and makes demands on your time outside of class to learn lines, create scenes or develop scripts. 

This course is a supplement to the mainstream Drama 10, 20 and 30 courses and does not provide prerequisites for Drama 20 or 30.

Note: This course may be a combination of two or three program levels depending on enrollment.

Technical Theatre Studies 15-25-35

Prerequisite: An interest in working behind the scene of a play production

5 Credits

For the student who does not want to be the actor on the stage but the person who does all the work around the stage; the one who makes the actors look good. In this course we explore as many of the technical, creative, design and management areas that we can. Learn to operate the theatre lights, sound board, create costumes, and build and paint sets and props for our school productions.

Musical Theatre 15-25-35

Fee: $20 (includes script to keep, hair, makeup and costumes for the production)

5 Credits

This is a Block X class that occurs primarily after school and some weekends. Students must audition to be selected for this class.

Do you want to be an outstanding performer of music theatre and stretch your talents as far as possible? Our students have performed Alice in WonderlandThe Addams FamilyAnnieMary PoppinsElf, and Singin' in the Rain.

This course incorporates vocal music, dancing and acting. It focuses on the history, styles, works and artists of the musical theatre genre and of the musical production at the centre of the class. Core focus is in acting, scene study and musical theatre audition. Students build character, learn stage presence and work in depth with the script and music at the centre of the course. 

Enrollment is based on an audition.