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DLR (Directed Learning Room): it takes place Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the library from 3:15 until 5:00.  As the name suggests, the purpose of this block of time is Student Learning.  DLR is for students to catch up on missed learning when they fall behind in their schoolwork.  This may include assignments, exams or time missed when the student was late or not present in class and did not choose to come to Seminar to complete the required learning. Students who effectively use their seminar time rarely need to be assigned to DLR unless they have several classes to catch up due to extended absences. 

SEMINAR:  is self-directed learning time which is built into our daily schedule from 2:27 pm - 3:07 pm. Students have access to their teachers for one-on-one or small group support. It is expected that students are in attendance at this time.  Students, who utilize this time effectively, reduce the amount of time they need to spend on homework.  They also have the opportunity to ask their teachers for support in areas where they need it.  Teachers and/or Grade Coordinators have the ability to assign students, who fall behind in their schoolwork or who are ineffective in their use of this time, to Seminar using the FLEX Add-On in PowerSchool.  This assignment to seminar can be viewed using the Student and Parent Portals on a computer; unfortunately, students and parents who use the app will not be able to view the assigned block, but they will still get the absence notification if they asked for notifications to be pushed through.  We have advised staff to take attendance early so that when students receive the notification, they are absent, they still have time to get to Seminar, complete the work and have their attendance changed.  When Seminar has been assigned by a staff member and the student has chosen not to attend, they will be marked absent, and the regular phone notification will take place.  It is important to note that while Seminar as a class is assigned to Ms. Otto, our Principal, she is not the one who will be assigning students to this block; as previously mentioned, it will be the student’s teachers or grade coordinator who will be doing so if necessary.

TCT (Teacher Collaborative Time): is time for teachers to meet and collaborate on department goals. The school is still open for those who need to come.  Attending students are assigned to supervised & designated grade level areas.  There is a morning session of DLR between 8:30 and 10:00 on these days in the library to assist students who may not be able to attend regular DLR sessions. Classes start at 10:06 am on these days.

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