Mechanics 1

Prerequisite: None

5+ Credits

Students will study the operating systems of a motor vehicle and learn to complete minor service tasks as well as proper care of an automobile.

Students must provide coveralls and safety glasses. Alternate footwear is recommended.

Mechanics 2

Prerequisite: Successful completion of all 6 credits in Mechanics 1. Must be at grade level.

5+ Credits

Students in this program will study the theory and service of the support systems for the engine and most chassis systems like brakes, suspension and steering.

Mechanics 3A

Prerequisite: Successful completion of all 5 credits in Mechanics 2. Must be at grade level.

5+ Credits

Students continuing in mechanics will build on previous knowledge acquired as well as learning the theory and practice of engine diagnosis and repair.

Mechanics 3B

Prerequisite: Must be independent worker wtih instructor recommendation.

5+ Credits

Students will be given the opportunity to have hands on experience doing customer service and/or mentoring Mechanics 10/20 students in a lab situation.