Foods 1

Prerequisite: None

5+ Credits

This course forms a solid base of skills and knowledge for your own personal use or for further studies in Foods. You have the opportunity to select and prepare a wide variety of products. Some examples include crepes, soups, salads, cakes and pastries, fresh pasta, foods from other cultures, meats and desserts.

Course Outline

Foods 2

Prerequisite: 5 credits in Foods 1

5+ Credits

This intermediate level course builds on the skills acquired in Foods 1. You will select and prepare such products as specialty pastries (choux, phyllo), angel cakes, creative appetizers, poultry, seafood, specialty breads and more.

Course Outline 

Foods 3

Prerequisite: 5 credits in Foods 2

5+ Credits

This advanced level course requires a higher degree of skill. You work more independently on more difficult products. There is an emphasis on cuisines from around the world, and students have the opportunity to prepare jams, jellies, pickles, puff pastry (from scratch), sauces and derivatives, pork, lamb, veal, specialty desserts and more. You will also create your own dessert portfolio that can be shown to potential employers or post-secondary schools and colleges