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Gr. 10, 11 & 12 Info. Videos

Quarter 1 of the 2021-2022 School Year is well underway.  We are happy to be in person with our students but we recognize that some of the changes we made last year due to Covid Restrictions still serve our school community better this year.   

Before Covid, we would have Grade Level Parent/Guardian Evenings where you could learn specific details pertinent to your child's education.  Instead just like last year, we are sharing Grade Level specific videos which can be viewed at your leisure.  Any questions you have, can be directed to the appropriate Grade Coordinator via email (listed below) or telephone call, 780 962 0800.   

Grade 10 Team

Mr. Cam Robertson, Grade Coordinator: 

Mrs. Trish Spink, Grade Level Counselor/IEL:

Grade 10 Video Link  

Grade 11 Team

Ms. Linnaea Nielsen, Grade Coordinator:

Mrs. Trish Mennie, Grade Level Counselor/IEL:

Grade 11 Video Link 

Grade 12 Team

Mr. Mark Rose, Grade Coordinator:

Mrs. Marie Porter, Grade Level Counselor/IEL:

Grade 12 Video Link   

Parent/Teacher Interviews also changed last year--first, because we had one set per quarter, and second, because they were not in person.  We will be continuing with this again.  In addition, feedback from our School Council last year supported teachers' desire to make reporting comments and Parent/Teacher Interviews more authentic and less arbitrary.  Reporting comments will be entered in PowerSchool at the end of the unit closest to the midpoint of the quarter.  This may be the first, second or third unit in a course. 

As well, interviews will be accessible by completing Google Forms sent out by the individual teachers.  What this means is that comments will be updated and interviews set up at different times depending on the course trajectory.  This allows teachers to report on whole units including final assessments. 

We appreciate your support as we roll this out the first time this quarter.   

Thank you for helping our school community have a smooth start to the 2021-2022 School Year. 

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